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Command Gate operators are manufactured to our specifications for either residential, acreage, or commercial properties.  They are available to be used with  AC Power or Solar Power. Over 90% of the gates we install are solar and that number is growing every year.  Solar powered Command Gates move quickly and quietly. The self contained gate system will cycle continuously throughout the day constantly being recharged by solar energy. Our solar powered Command Gates are not affected by power outages and continue to work while other gates have to be operated manually. 

Whichever power type you choose for your gate, our gates have been designed and tested to work well in our harsh Canadian winters. Command Gate Solar works! We have been installing gates with solar for over 15 years.

Join the green revolution GO SOLAR!


Solar Panel

"We came to Command Gate with a unique problem, the acreage we had moved to just a year prior had an automated gate with a mind of its own. Sometimes it would open halfway, or not at all, would open on its own anytime an airplane flew overhead, or for other reasons we could not determine.

We called Murray at Command Gate, and he came out to look at our problem, which turned out to be the result of a homeowner installation utilizing a mail order system, which is not designed for our Canadian climate.

We ended up having Command Gate install new controllers, motor, actuator, and sensors. Our gate has worked pretty much be design right from installation, with no problems. All the folks at Command Gate are great to work with from the front office, to installation to Murray himself.

I would certainly not hesitate to use Command Gate in the future and would recommend them to my friends and family."
David & Selina
DeWinton, Alberta

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